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The Constitution of Farrer School Foundation requires that all moneys donated to the funds are used solely for the dedicated purposes of these funds and all operating expenses must be covered by membership fees, other fundraising activities or donations specifically for operating expenses.

Along with membership fees, our major fundraiser to cover operating expenses is the Annual Trivia Fund Night held at Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School in June each year. Local Suppliers generously donate prizes, and a good time is had by all. Over $1400 was raised in 2021 and over $2000 raised in 2022, which more than covers the Foundations operating costs.

If the operating expenses produce a surplus to the needs of the Foundation, the Management Committee may elect to donate some of that surplus to one of the Funds.

Gratitude and Acknowledgements

Farrer School Foundation acknowledges the tireless efforts of its Committee Members, Officeholders & volunteers who give up their time freely to advance the work of the foundation.

The Foundation also acknowledges the support of the following professionals who have donated their time to the cause;

The Foundation is grateful to local suppliers who provide prizes for our major annual fundraiser, the Trivia Fun Night. This fundraiser covers the costs of operating the Foundation and allows us to ensure all funds donated go to their dedicated purpose.

We thank the following generous donors for the 2022 event;

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